Loci Technologies

Real-Time Targeting

Campaigns traditionally follow a long-established method for targeting voters or constituents. They conduct a poll (though smaller campaigns might skip this step), they make assumptions (sometimes paying high-priced consultants to do so), and then create a segmented list of targets that they begin contacting. Basically: Poll+Assumptions=List. Here at Loci Technologies we’ve found a better way: our Real-Time Targeting system. Our patent pending Real-Time Targeting system can either pick up where segmented lists leave off, or it can replace the Poll+Assumption method all together. That’s right: high-quality targets without conducting an expensive poll.

The Loci Technologies Real-Time Targeting system uses a proprietary algorithm to determine, in real-time, who your next contact should be. It relies heavily on the results of previous contacts you’ve already made, and can quickly adapt to changing opinions during the course of the campaign (so you need not worry that the assumptions you made at the beginning of the campaign are now out-of-date). Best of all, this is all done automatically through our web-based software, so your field staff can focus on volunteers and ground operations, rather than on guessing who to contact. Currently, our systems integrate seamlessly with voter files provided by the Voter Activation Network (VAN).



As shown in the above graph, our Real-Time Targeting system gives your campaign substantial gains in efficiency of up to 150%.* That means that for a given time period, you can make 150% more positive connections (for example IDing undecided or friendly voters) with our product than by traditionally running through a segmented list.

To facilitate even better data input and feedback that provided through our web interface, Loci Technologies is currently developing phone system integration, so that volunteers can call in and start making contacts. Click here to learn more.

* NOTE: These results are based on repeated statistical simulations of actual campaign data. Actual results may vary.