Loci Technologies


Loci Technologies was founded in 2010 by Ruben Rodrigues and Joshua Ouellette. After working on numerous political campaigns, Mr. Rodrigues and Mr. Ouellette came to realize that there was a disturbing lack of innovation in the way campaigns target voters. The same basic formula has been used for years: Conduct a Poll, Make Assumptions, and then create a segmented list of who to contact. Within the past few years we’ve seen the rise of microtargeting, which uses more sophisticated models and a bounty of consumer data to create “better” targeting lists. Microtargetting, however, is expensive and time consuming, and involves the same basic Poll+Assumptions=List formula. We believe there’s a better way, and that’s what led us to develop the Loci Real-Time Targeting System.

Loci Technologies is currently based in Madison, WI. Please visit our Contact Page for more information on how to get in touch.